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Welcome to The Official SHC Forum!

Post  BirdIsDaWordGuy on Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:45 am

Welcome to The Skin Head Crew's First Forum!

If you came here after looking at the GTA Forums you'll already know the Members and They're storys of how they are in the SHC. If not here it is.

Ix S0LaR xI
Favourite car: yellow taxi.
Favourite weapon: the fourty four
Hangs out at: star junction.
Age: 26
Favourite radio station: electro choc.
Hobbie: punching people in the street.
Rank: 1
Favourite game mode:free roam
Specialty: driver
How random is he: 10/10.

Ix S0LaR xI likes to drive and be annoying he likes hercules at roughly 8:00pm at night to 4:am. he used to be a taxi man but got mugged and got his hair shaved off using his cat when he was a kid. he failed and so he has a little scar on his foehead to remind him of his stupidity as a kid. solar usually fights some of the weaklings up in bohan to get his anger out. his sex appeal is terrible. no girl wants to see him but he still tries. solar moved to liberty city because he was going to visit family but got addicted to the place and stayed in LC. then he joined the bald head crew and started to become angry and tough. solar will help you if you are needing a cab he will stick up for you too.

favirout car:PmP 600
favirout weapon:sticky bombs
hangs out at: algonquin.
favirout radio station: liberty rock radio.
hobbie: rigging cars with sticky bombs.
favirout game mode: free roam
specialty: the leader
how random are you 8/10

BirdisDaWordGuy usually hangs out at bahama mamas and partys hard with a lot of money. he is rich. He used to work in a mafia but got kicked out for being a traitor. He became bald by shaving his hair off normally. he came to liberty city to work with the maifa. for money. he stayed in liberty city because he wanted to create a gang in liberty city. and so far he has called the gang the bald head crew. when he was 17 years old he saved a few kids from a burning building. he jumped 4 storys high into water. BirdisDaWordGuy can help by transport such as yacht. helicopter. his rich shiny car. and he can do airstrikes on enemies. he is also related too chloe parker.

favirout car: BULLET GT
favirout weapon:P90
hangs out at: burger shot in dukes.
favirout radio station: k109 studio and electro choc.
hobbies: parachuting. doing jackass stunts and playing chicken in star junction.
favirout game mode: free roam
specialty: sticky bombing helicopters.
how random are you. 6/10. (i am very strange though)

Black103 used to be a undercover cop in vice city back in 2006 but retired his job and flew over to liberty city. he wanted to be in a city and out of the hot weather. when he first arrived he met a guy with a moustache wearing a blue workman top and yellow trousers. he came up to him and smashed his head against the wall because he had no drugs on him. black 103 was mugged but didnt report to any cops.he remebered that he sounded russian. then later on when black 103 was walking home from his bald head crew gang hangout. he heard a gunshot and saw a man hiding the body.he thought liberty city was all peaceful but on his very first day it was havoc. now black103 can be used for delivery such as bikes. can be called to shoot anyone you ask to kill.

And there it is copyed and Pasted from the GTA Forums. If you want to join our Crew you'll have to par-take in a caninize test. You can find our Head Quarters on Diamond Street in Chinatown Liberty City. Call up Ix S0LaR xI for a Free Ride anywhere, Black103 for a vehicle Delivery and BirdIsDaWordGuy for a Buzzard Airstrike.



Vice President/Road Captain
Ix S0LaR xI

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